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The House Where Nobody Lives from from You Build It Up, You Wreck It Down, 2013

This particular body of work, called You Build It Up, You Wreck I Down, is a series of narratives based on my personal interpretations of the music and lyrics by the singer-song writer, Tom Waits. Over many years now, I have endeavored this project, in which I filter and render my personal experiences, emotions, and my quest for purpose, through my understanding of Wait's music. A single line from a song that can spark an idea, or my even a simple metaphor can, at times, lead to several images I make. And I have Mr. Waits to thank.

The entirety of the images included in this project were taken with a Large Format View camera using Polaroid Type 55 positive/negative film (which is now nearly extinct).

It is important to me that my decisions in my image-making are done in the field. Nothing is an afterthought, everything is done in-camera. My photographs represent, among other things, my experience and interpretation of a particular place and moment in time (ultimately representing myself). To manipulate the image later in Photoshop takes something away from that; it's a sort of detachment from staying in the moment, again, an afterthought. Also, for me, part of challenging myself as a photographer is to create the image I'm looking for in the field, in the camera and on the negative.

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